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Top Gun Sealcoating is a group of veterans who take pride in attention to detail. From the first introduction to project completion, we strive to form long lasting relationships to enhance your experience. We have been providing high quality and cost-effective pavement maintenance solutions to our clients in the Tri-State area since 2018.

We offer unmatched workmanship, with no surprises, to extend the life of your asphalt pavement and ensure long-term savings for all property owners. Over the years, we have grown to become a full-service pavement maintenance company serving property owners, property managers, and professional contractors across West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia.


TOPGUN Sealcoating treats the smallest to the largest of jobs, with great care. Our team handles all jobs as though you are friends and not just another client in need of our services.

At TOPGUN Sealcoating, we offer the following quality services.


Sealcoating is a process that involves applying a high-quality polymer coating to asphalt pavement to protect it from water, oil, gas spills, salt stains, and other harmful elements. This sealant not only safeguards the pavement but also prevents cracks and potholes that could potentially lead to expensive repairs.

Crack Filling

When left untreated, cracks in your asphalt pavement can not only be unattractive, but they can also pose significant safety hazards, leading to potholes that can result in costly damage. To prevent these issues, we offer crack sealing, a process that involves filling cracks in your asphalt with a specialized hot rubberized crack sealer that is tailored to your specific needs.

Pavement Marking & Thermoplastic

At Top Gun, we believe that a clean and well-organized appearance is essential in creating a positive first impression, no matter the surface. That’s why we offer expert striping and marking services for a wide range of areas, including parking lots, warehouses, streets, roads, playgrounds, and more. Our experienced team is well-equipped to provide ADA-compliant pavement marking services, ensuring that your surfaces are in line with the latest accessibility requirements. 

Parking Lot Signage

Whether you need standard parking signage or custom signs, we can print and install it all. Some of the most common parking lot signs we install include:

  • ADA Accessible Signage
  • Veteran Parking Signs
  • Special Purple Heart Parking Signs
  • Customer Appreciation Signs
  • Take-Out Only Signs
  • Employee of the Month
  • Electric Vehicle Re-Charge Stations


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Top Gun Sealcoating is a Veteran Owned and Operated business located in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Our Military background is something we take great pride in, and instill the same values and integrity into our company. We take great pleasure in our work and providing the quality services you need for your project. We also offer a military discount for fellow veterans.

Contact us at Top Gun Sealcoating to learn more.